Events for newcomers

Guided meditation

Drop in every Saturday morning at 11 am (currently on Zoom) for thorough instruction and guidance in our two core meditation practices, the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana. Please click here to ask for the Zoom code (we don't publish it to avoid Zoom bombing).

The Mindfulness of Breathing

This is an ancient meditation technique , said to have been practised by the Buddha himself in the run-up to his Enlightenment, which uses the breath as an object of absorption. The benefits of this meditation include enhanced mindfulness of our body, emotions and thoughts, which will enable us to respond more creatively in situations in which we might otherwise react instantly with aversion or craving. We will also experience higher levels of wellbeing and a decrease in our tendency to become distracted. The clarity of mind we will cultivate will also allow us to investigate the nature of our experience more fully - in particular, the destructive forces of greed, hatred and spiritual ignorance which power and perpetuate our suffering - and to progressively work on weakening them.

The Metta Bhavana

"Metta" means something like "loving-kindness" or "well-wishing", and "bhavana" cultivation: this beautiful and profound practice will help us weaken the forces of ill-will and indifference and to cultivate a boundless heart of well-wishing for all sentient life. It is described in the scriptures as akin to the feeling a mother has for her only child, multiplied infinitely and applied to all beings. The benefits of this hardly need to be stated; suffice to say, we will develop a radically different relationship with beings - especially people - that is characterised by empathy, positive regard and well-wishing.

Please e-mail us here for the code to join the Zoom meeting. We use a static code, so you will only need to do this once.