The centre and COVID-19

Our COVID-19 policy

Keeping everyone safe

We want everyone using the centre to feel safe. We will ensure that the centre is cleaned thoroughly before every use and that all risks are mitigated as far as possible, and all users will be asked to play their part in helping keep everyone safe. We're very sorry about all the restrictions outlined below and hope you'll bear with us in this exceptional situation!


Numbers in the centre are limited to 15. You must book if you want to attend an event in person; a booking link will be included with the information for each event.

Face coverings

Face coverings are obligatory at all times in the centre. Please use a reusable mask if you can to avoid plastic pollution. We will, however, have a small stock of masks at the centre in case you forget to bring one.


Sanitiser is available in the centre: please use it when you arrive.


We will not be providing any refreshments, so please bring your own drinks and take any containers home with you to wash up at the end of the event.


Both toilets are in use as normal. The corridor outside the toilet is a bottleneck, so please wait until it is clear before you use the toilet.