The centre and COVID-19

Sangha night and other events in-person

Now that government constraints around Covid have relaxed, how are Centre activities affected?

The trustees want to welcome the Sangha back into the Centre, with precautions that acknowledge the prevalence of Covid.

From August onwards, Sangha nights will be offered both online and in-person. To begin with at least, there will be no booking system for in-person attendance. If the numbers begin to feel unsafe (such that we cannot maintain the recommended 2m distancing), we will review this policy, but for the time being, you can drop into Sangha night without booking.

We will continue to request all attendees to sanitise hands, and not attend if feeling unwell. We encourage you to take regular lateral flow tests, as recommended by the government. We ask that you wear masks in the Centre until you are seated. Any chanting will be done softly, and good room ventilation will be maintained. Drinks will be made and served by designated servers wearing masks.

Please be respectful of others’ space and ask before hugging; it’s fine to refuse!

There will be a thorough cleaning regime at the end of every event in the Centre. Please help if you can.

As well as Sangha night, there will be other activities offered in person, and the precautions above should be followed for all events.

We do hope that you will want to return in-person to the Centre and enjoy the great benefits of meeting 3D Sangha members.