What we offer

What we offer

is a path to the ultimate fulfilment of our human potential. This path leads to the state of awakening exemplified by the Buddha: a state of complete freedom from any sort of emotional or psychological suffering, without craving, hatred or spiritual confusion.

This may sound very grand, but it's important to put what we do in its proper context. We are not a kind of evening college offering courses and qualifications in meditation and Buddhism, although we do teach those things. What we offer is nothing less than a context and a set of tools for the living of a truly satisfying and happy life. To find out what these are, read on .


Meditation is not the cultivation of a trance-like state or the forcible emptying of the mind of thoughts. What it is is a way of using the mind to work on the mind. We meditate to cultivate clarity and positive emotion, love and awareness. In Triratna, we primarily offer two practices. One of these is the Mindfulness of Breathing, in which we use the breath to direct the mind to our actual experience and develop mental clarity. The other is the Metta Bhavana, which is concerned with the cultivation of Metta, or loving-kindness, for ourselves and all beings. We offer regular training in both of these practices: click here to find out when the next course is taking place.

For regulars

Every Wednesday evening at 7.30 pm, a group of regular Dharma practitioners meets for meditation, discussion of Buddhist themes, ritual, tea and conversation! Due to COVID-19, these evenings are currently following a hybrid format, with some people attending the centre and others joining us online We welcome anyone who has prior experience of meditation and Buddhism within the Triratna context or has attended a meditation and/or Buddhism course.


We offer regular six-week courses as an introduction to both meditation and Buddhism.

For people who wish to deepen their engagement with Buddhism, we offer a rolling year-long programme divided into different modules. This course offers a thorough grounding in the basics of Buddhism as practised in our community, and you can join at the start of any module once you have completed the introductory courses. Talk to your course leader for more information.


Most of us lead very busy lives characterised by a great many pressures and demands. This can make it difficult for us to deepen our practice of meditation in particular and Buddhism in general. What is sometimes needed is a period of withdrawal from our everyday lives to give us the space and the opportunity to engage more intensively with practice: a period of retreat. In tranquil and beautiful surroundings such as those offered by a retreat centre our minds will gradually settle and our experience will clarify. As a sangha, or spiritual community, we take part in retreats several times a year at various different retreat centres in the UK, most notably Vajraloka, near Corwen in Wales, and Adhisthana, the headquarters of Triratna near Ledbury in Herefordshire.