Tasting Freedom

A practical Buddhist guide to changing your life.

 Starting Tuesday 16th January from 7pm to 9pm for 6 weeks

Many people arrive at the centre with some experience of meditation. This can be from non-Buddhist teachings, secular mindfulness or through personal exploration of the many types of meditation that can be found on the internet. As part of this course, you will be introduced to the main meditation practices found within Triratna Buddhism.

The course also explores the question "What did the Buddha teach, and why does it still matter 2,500 years later?" Well, in his own words, he taught "suffering and the end of suffering". He taught us that we tend to look for happiness in the wrong places: in things whose impermanent nature means they can't possibly satisfy us in the long term. He also taught an alternative path to happiness and freedom that is just as effective now as it was all those centuries ago: a truly radical path with complete freedom from mental and emotional suffering at its end. 

This six-week course will give you an overview of the Buddha's basic teachings and what we can do to follow his path. This is for everyone, whether you're a complete beginner or already have some experience. No prior knowledge of Buddhism or meditation is needed.

For the course, we ask for a deposit of £25 at the point when you book to secure your place. We suggest a total payment of £90 or a concessionary rate of £60 for the whole course. However, we don't want anyone to feel excluded from taking part if that is too much, so please feel free to talk to your course leader and suggest a different amount if you need to.