Events for regulars

Regular meditation events

Sunday morning meditation

If you have learned both our core meditation practices - the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana - come and join us for a sit at 11 am every Sunday. Please click here

Morning meditation club

Daily at 7 am

Come and join other early birds every morning at 7 am as we sit in meditation together on Zoom. Open to all those who are familiar with the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana. Please click here for the Zoom code to join (or enter into your device browser bar).

Other events

Earth Day Meditation: Three Jewels One World

This event marks the start of a coming together of all those in Triratna for whom concern for the environment is an intrinsic part of their Dharma practice. We will be gathering online on Earth Day (April 22nd) for a period of meditation, sitting in solidarity with this beautiful fleeting world. So wherever you are in the world please join us.

First sit led by Paramananda

Second sit led by Parami

Click Here to join the meditation

Earth Day Reflection hosted by the Glasgow Buddhist Centre

Click here to join the reflection

First sit

UK & IE 7.30am

Second sit

UK & IE 2.30pm


UK & IE 5.30pm

Outdoor meditation in the Quarry Park on 11 April

Although meditation is an individual practice, the chance to see other people doing it can have a powerful effect. Who knows, you might be someone else's "fourth sight" (the wandering holy man Siddhartha Gautama saw on his last trip out of the palace, an encounter which prompted him to go forth and eventually resulted in his Awakening). Let's show the people of Shrewsbury what we do by sitting together in meditation in the Quarry. We'll meet at the bandstand at 11 am on 11 April and decide where we're going to sit, observing social distancing rules of course. Please bring your own sitting gear and weather-appropriate clothing.

Exploring the system of practice

Sangha night on Wednesdays

Starting on 6 January and continuing until the end of April, we will be exploring the system of practice (integration, positive emotion, spiritual death, spiritual rebirth and receptivity), mostly as expressed in meditation practice, through a combination of guided meditation sessions and talks by Sangha members. We will see how the practices form a mandala or a series of mandalas rather than a linear path and that we have everything we need to practice every time we sit to meditate!

If you can, try to treat it as a course and take the content into your own private meditation practice - or better still, join in with the daily 7 am sit!

You can watch all previous talks (where we have remembered to record them!) by clicking here.