Welcome to the website of the Triratna Buddhist Community in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

This site offers information about Buddhism, the Triratna Buddhist Community, the Order at its heart, and what we offer for Shrewsbury and the surrounding area. You can click on the links above to explore the world of Buddhism as it is practised in the Triratna tradition and to keep up to date with our future courses and classes.

We are going to start reopening the centre with a regular meditation session at 11am on Sunday 6 September, to be repeated on the following two Sundays. This will be a "hybrid" event with up to 15 people allowed into the centre and everyone else attending via Zoom as previously. BOOKING WILL BE ESSENTIAL so that we can manage the numbers. You can book here.

As the coronavirus situation develops, we also hope to offer courses online. Please watch this space and our Facebook page for updates.

Please click here for our events for regulars and here if you're new to us.

Make a donation

One of Buddhism's key practices is generosity (dana). Giving is an important way of overcoming self-centredness and an expression of loving-kindness (metta).

Even though the centre is not fully open, we still have a range of financial obligations to meet, including repaying our purchase loans and paying utility bills. If you would like to make a donation, especially if you feel you've benefited from what we offer, please click here. You don't need a PayPal account to donate. Thank you!