Ethical Guidelines and Safeguarding Policies

We take the safety and well-being of all people coming along to the Buddhist Centre very seriously - the first ethical precept for Buddhists is to cultivate loving-kindness (or metta in Pali), and to avoid harming living beings. We have Ethical Guidelines for people who are in a teaching role or leading Triratna activities - the full text of these is copied below..

We have policies on Child Protection and Adults with Safeguarding Needs, and Codes of Conduct for people on the Teaching Team - see policies below.

Many, many thanks to Shraddhabha, one of our volunteers, who has put lots of energy and love into the implementation of these policies, including organising and delivering awareness-raising sessions for our Teaching Team and others in the Shrewsbury Sangha.

Safeguarding policies in more detail

Diversity Statement

Diversity and inclusion are really important to us. At the Shrewsbury Triratna Buddhist Centre we want to make the Buddha’s teachings available to everyone. We believe that wisdom and compassion are inseparable and that developing loving kindness towards all living beings is vital to growing spiritually.

We recognise that we’re not perfect and we are exploring how best we can make our Centre and activities more accessible and welcoming for all. We want everyone to feel welcome and included, and we want to remove any barriers there might be to people coming along.

If you’d like to talk to someone before taking the plunge and coming along, you can contact Karen, our Diversity Guardian.

Diversity and inclusion policies in more detail