Welcome to the website of the Triratna Buddhist community in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

We believe that the Dharma, which is the traditional term for both the teachings of the Buddha and the truth they are intended to convey, offers a path of liberation from all forms of emotional and mental suffering. It is to tell people about that path and offer them tools and methods to practise it that our Buddhist centre exists. The path broadly consists of Ethics, Meditation and Wisdom as means of fundamental self-transformation.

In our community, we try to exemplify that path by following the Buddhist ethical precepts - all of which are ultimately an expression of love - by meditating and studying the Dharma and by reflecting on our experience to gain insight into life's true nature. We also teach meditation and Dharma in a range of public classes and courses. Please click here to see our activities for newcomers.

Because we believe that everyone and anyone can benefit from them, we welcome everyone to our classes, regardless of religious belief or the lack of it, gender or gender identification, sexual orientation, age, race, class, whether able-bodied or disabled.

Our community also sets out a clear path of commitment for those who are interested in taking things further. We encourage even fairly new people to get involved in our teams to help others coming along for the first time. Some people choose to become Mitras ("Friends") - a Mitra being someone commits to deepening their practice of the Dharma in the Triratna Community in the context of a simple ritual. Others go a step further and join the Triratna Buddhist Order, a body of women and men who have undertaken to place the practise of Buddhism at the heart of their lives.

Whatever your level of interest and desire for involvement, you will get a warm welcome from us.

Please click here to listen to any of our recorded talks.

Make a donation

One of Buddhism's key practices is generosity (dana). Giving is an important way of overcoming self-centredness and an expression of loving-kindness (metta).

Even though the centre isn't currently open, we still have a range of financial obligations to meet, including repaying our purchase loans and paying utility bills. If you would like to make a donation, especially if you feel you've benefited from what we offer, please click here. You don't need a PayPal account to donate. Thank you!